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Whether you are looking for your dream Wedding cake, a delicious Novelty cake, a scrumptious Fresh Cream Cake, Some quirky Cupcakes or a sumptuous Chocolate cake just to dive into!, then look no further..

Our Wedding cakes are truly works of art...You may want to choose from one of our existing beautifully crafted designs or you can chop and change to create your own. Or why not take advantage of our bespoke design service where we can tailor make a cake to suit your individual requirements and to match into your theme..

Our Fresh cream Cakes are exactly what they say they are...FRESH!  As all our cakes are handbaked to order, you can take comfort in the fact that your cake has not been sat on a shelf somewhere waiting to get purchased! Our Fresh Cream cakes are finished off at the last possible minute to ensure that the cream is as fresh as possible, with no hidden preservatives...

Our Luxury Chocolate cakes are truly a chocaholic’s dream with four layers of rich chocolate cake sandwiched with layers of luxurious Ganache, handfinished in the style of your choice..

Our Novelty cakes are for that someone extra special in your life who deserves a bit more than a cake pulled off a supermarket shelf...something handbaked, handcrafted and personalised just for them! You can either tell us your specific requirements or just give us a theme and we will do all the rest!

And last but not least! We have our selection of Cupcakes and Cake pops available in themed boxes, or individually wrapped for Wedding favours and parties, where we can be as quirky as you like!